Scapa Life is a global community celebrating yoga, adventure and sustainable living both in-person and through live online events. Discover our unique vision that weaves together mind-body health, environmental action and outdoor education. Escape to one of the world's most beautiful locations, for a one-a-kind immersive experience, for all mind-body-nature explorers.

Get ready to bring more health, adventure and environmental action into your life. Choose where you want to start:

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A year of LIVE monthly workshops to live the Scapa Life from anywhere, on your schedule, at your pace.


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LIVE workshop taking place on 11-15 January 2021. As we move out of the lockdown into a new unknown “normal,” we need to embrace new ways to be with time. To be alone. To be alone together. We need to be able to soothe ourselves with our own practices: to strengthen and feel expansive, to cultivate habits that contain our anxieties, that help us to be pliant and tenacious enough to grieve fully and laugh wholeheartedly.


Learn skills that change everyday life at your own pace, in the comfort of your own home.

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Celebrate the Scapa Life in person on a lochside estate in Scotland with with a global community of difference-makers.


Off-grid festival. Online events. The Scapa Life.

Mind-Body Health

We are Scapa Fest, a solar-powered, leave-no-trace and zero-waste yoga, adventure and sustainable living experience designed to help people harness the power of nature to transform their physical health and the health of their environment.

Outdoor Education

We bring together global experts in mind-body health, outdoor education and environmental action to deliver immersive sessions to families and individuals who attend from all over the world.

Environmental Action

Much more than an event, Scapa Fest is a whole new way of living. A sustainable, regenerative way of being in the world, of the world and for the world.

Here is what the Scapa People say about their experience at Scapa Fest

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"It felt like a retreat from day-to-day life and a chance to reset life without plastic toys and screens. My son and I found it an invaluable experience and has prompted something of a lifestyle shift."

"It was a totally transformative weekend and unlike anything I seen on offer elsewhere. I felt it was really accessible for people of all abilities & interest levels."

"The event absolutely suits our family interests and rhythm. stunning location, beautiful vibe, safe and friendly community, exciting activities, generous experiences around the fire... fantastic."