Scapa Life is a global community of change-makers celebrating yoga, adventure and sustainable living both in-person and through live online events. Our unique vision weaves together mind-body health, environmental action and outdoor education into outstanding experiences for individuals and families who want to learn how to live more sustainably and more creatively, inside and out.

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What's happening online:

This is a LIVE online workshop taking place on Earth Day 22nd April 2021 7pm-9pm BST as an opening event to Scapa Fest 2021.

Earth day is a wonderful time to explore our relationship to the planet that supports, substantiates and supplies our existence. This inquiry allows us to see how the forces that move nature also move us. As the seeds begin to blossom around us we are reminded that the spirit of the season is regeneration, birth, re-birth and growth. Through mindful practices we equip ourselves with tools that both honour and celebrate the vivacity of the season while grounding us with boundaries and support.

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Our in-person experiences are deeply immersive, range from small & intimate to larger gatherings and take place in some of the most beautiful places in the world.

Our online events are taught LIVE online by our global community of teachers, accessible from 4 different timezones and with post-event viewing access to watch the replay.

With instant access, our courses allow you to expand your skills in mind-body health, sustainable living and environmental action at your own pace, in your own time.

Here is what the Scapa People say about their experience:

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"It felt like a retreat from day-to-day life and a chance to reset life without plastic toys and screens. My son and I found it an invaluable experience and has prompted something of a lifestyle shift."

"It was a totally transformative weekend and unlike anything I seen on offer elsewhere. I felt it was really accessible for people of all abilities & interest levels."

"The event absolutely suits our family interests and rhythm. stunning location, beautiful vibe, safe and friendly community, exciting activities, generous experiences around the fire... fantastic."

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