10 reasons why you should consider car sharing to come to Scapa Fest 2018

10 reasons why you should consider car-sharing when coming to Scapa Fest 2018

Life’s a journey, share it! At Scapa Fest, we are committed to making the festival as green as possible and ask you all to consider your environment and the effect your travel has on it.

We have teamed up with the friendly peeps at GoCarShare to help encourage as many of you as possible to share car journeys by offering lifts.

Check out our exclusive car sharing page  and add your journey, whether you are driving or looking for a lift, and they will match you with someone going the same way!

Here is why you should car-sharing:

1 | The environment

Nature is at the heart of Scapa Fest. It is what inspires us daily. Fewer cars on the road mean fewer gas emissions, and as a result our environment and air quality will be improved. Simple.

2 | Ease congestion and parking issues at the festival

Space for parking at Scapa Fest will be limited, and with less cars attending there is less queuing and more space and time for the important stuff.

3 | Cheaper travel

Car sharing is on average about 60% cheaper than travelling by bus, and of course 50%+ cheaper in a car if you share your spare seats.

4| Make new friends

We hear so many stories of people who car shared to a festival and then spent the rest of the weekend together! You’re heading to the same event; these people are the same people who may be sleeping in the tent next to you, taking part in the same yoga and adventure workshops and dancing right by you. They ARE your tribe!

5| Consideration for the local community

Scapa Fest takes place in a rural and remote area, and there is always a local community to consider. For Scapa Fest to continue for many years to come, it is important to be respectful of the local community and residents, and less traffic will no doubt make a BIG impact.

6| Help people who have difficulty getting there

Not everyone has access to a car or lives near public transport. Offering lifts can often help people who may struggle to get to Scapa Fest. You could be doing your good deed for the day for the weekend and we really appreciate that.

7| Earn money

Consider your spare seats as something to rent out. By charging people for these seats you are making money but also giving others a cheaper way to travel. It makes total sense!

8| You may win free festival tickets with our partner GoCarShare

Our partner GoCarShare run many competitions with lots of the top UK festivals to win free tickets. It’s GoCarShare’s way of saying thank you for growing the car sharing community and demonstrating your commitment to green travel. But you’ve got to be in it to win it!

9| Good for your health

According to some studies, it is proven that air pollution caused by cars is connected with many health problems such as allergies. By car sharing you will decrease the health risks for you and for other people.

10| It’s fun, easy and convenient!

Life’s a journey, so share it! It’s much more fun, and way less stressful to share your car journey with like-minded people, and have a hoot along the way.


So go on, click on our exclusive car sharing page and find the people to share the journey to Scapa Fest with!

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