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Yoga, movement medicine and mind-body health


Val Johnston

Owner and Senior Teacher at Our World Yoga, a beautiful little boutique style West End Studio built mostly on word of mouth, Val has over 1000hrs accredited Yoga qualifications and 9 years of teaching experience, which include specialised and continued learning in advanced Yin Yoga, Seasonal Yoga (Vinyasa), Aerial Yoga, Kids Yoga with Rainbow Kids, advanced Anatomy under David Keil and further study of The Philosophy of Yoga with Cambridge University. While Val loves Asana, the human body and all that it is capable of, her belief is that the real true Yoga happens off the mat and what we do on the mat is merely the preparation. Ahimsa is at the core of all her teachings.


Matt Nelson

My journey into meditation, movement and spiritual inquiry began in 1995 with the practice of Chi Gung. In 2003 I stepped into my first yoga class and discovered a process that spoke both to my body and my heart. Three years later I was asked to teach my first Yoga class, an opportunity I appreciate every day. I offer a welcoming, mindful and adaptive approach to Yoga, rooted in traditional practices and tailored to the needs of the modern practitioner. This methodology provides students a nourishing and inspiring classroom setting that promotes physical and emotional wellness, personal discovery, and inner-growth. I am grateful for all the teachers and students who have inspired me, however, a few deserve special mention here – Zhander Remete, Peter Sterios, Amy Matthews and Gary Kraftsow. In addition to passing along wisdom and knowledge, they have fostered in me a love of the process of learning and being a student. With regards to gratitude and thanks, there are no words to describe my feelings for my guru, Swami B.V. Tripurari, who introduced me to Gaudiya Vaishnavism and has been my spiritual guide since 2009. His teachings inspire me everyday, in all aspects of my life.


Alice Gray

Alice is an experienced vinyasa and yin yoga teacher with over 500 hours of training gained primarily with Jason Crandell (Power Yoga) and Bridget Woods Kramer (Anusara Yoga). Her aim through her teachings is that you come away feeling empowered and strong but in absolutely every sense of the words. You’ll find Alice’s classes sensitively balance both technique and creativity so that you feel like you’ve actually learnt something, but also at the same time having the opportunity to just get fully lost in the practice too. Expect good music, heart-felt philosophy, no dogma, a little sweat, a lot of warmth. Alice lives and teaches in Glasgow and loves both.

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Ilka Schroeder

Ilka has got a background in Tertiary Education as well as in the field of Life Long Learning. In 2009 she left her job as a vocational teacher and became a modern global nomad and adventurer. In 2011 she startet her career as full time yoga teacher, now teaching vinyasa, yin, kundalini and AcroYoga, which is her great passion. Ilka is founder of the festival "AcroYoga Summer Camp" in Germany and in Bellingen, Australia and is looking forward to sharing the Acro Love with you for the second time at Scapa Fest.

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Katrino Yoga

Katrino began studying with curiosity and practising yoga while living in Canada in 2010. She graduated from The Seasonal Yoga Academy as a 200hr Yoga teacher under the guidance of Julie Hanson, Sue Wood, Marit Griffith and Rory Trollen. Completing Steph Wall's 'Beyond the 200' Vinyasa mentorship programme and a further 200hr SITA Vinyasa YTT in Glasgow and Rishikesh. Her offerings include Vinyasa, Yoga Nidra, Deep Relaxation, Meditation and Pranayama, while combining subtle elements of the seasons into her flows. Katrino has continued her study through various branches of yoga styles and teachers to deepen her knowledge of the physical and energetic body. Using her knowledge of Essential oils and emotional aromatherapy she combines all these techniques and styles into her classes to create a sensory space for students to dive deep into the wisdom, the sounds and the experience that lies within.


Lena Fong

Lena is a yoga instructor (Hatha, Aerial and Forrest Yoga), Chinese Acupuncturist, Doula and avid mushroom forager. Her unique background in Traditional Chinese Medicine adds a unique flavour to all her yoga classes. She is passionate about the great outdoor and connects with nature daily by walking her dogs and foraging for medicinal plants to help balance the health of her patients and pregnant clients. Being married to a Scout leader and a mother of 2 sons also adds a deeper understanding to connecting to the wilderness. This vitality is felt in her yoga classes where the natural rhythm of the seasons is honoured and it's potent effects can be uptaken by all.

Donna Williams

Born to parents with wanderlust and some distant gypsy blood, I grew up traveling across Australia in a bench seat, column shift, Ford Falcon. Six schools and a near expulsion from university later, my compulsion for making the world 'right' has gifted me a humanitarian career and a growing passion to save the planet and spread the yoga vibe. Open to a life of possibilities and a belief that love does indeed conquer all, I spend my time trying to figure out how to create world peace for people and the planet, one love at a time.

Penny Clay

Penny has a lifetime of experience in adventure; from her early 20's, mountaineering and rock climbing in the UK and European Alps, leading Himalayan expeditions in the 1990's, spending the 2000's playing out on the Cumbrian Fells and now living in the Highlands of Scotland. Love of the outdoors combined with a career in education specialising in Buddhism and Philosophy of Religion led Penny to qualify as a Zen Yoga teacher. Studying first with the British Wheel of Yoga Penny found her spiritual home with Zenways ( a Japanese Buddhist tradition which teaches a range of practices to foster wellbeing, develop awareness of body and mind, cultivating a fearless and full engagement with life. She now teaches weekly classes and monthly Yoga mornings and has led popular workshops for climbers, hillwalkers and runners at the Fort William Mountain Festival, Salomon Skyline and Reiff Climbing Festival. She is a qualified Mountain Leader and is leading a Mountain Walking and Zen Retreat this year as well as two other seasonal Yoga Weekend Retreats, all based in Glencoe. She is currently training as a Junior Zen Teacher with Daizan Roshi at Zenways and will be completing her Meditation and Mindfulness Teacher Training in the summer of 2018.


Rachael Chambers

Rachael is a Yoga Alliance RYT who teaches yin and restorative yoga. Practising yoga for almost 20 years and teaching since 2016 she teaches a relaxed functional anatomy style of yoga accepting the different people will require different poses to achieve the same goal.


Cathryn Floate

Lifestyle Coach & Yoga Teacher, Cathryn initially began her yoga journey looking for something that offered physical movement while bringing some stillness into her life and mind at a very busy time - it seemed the perfect combination. Naturally drawn to the vinyasa practice, Cathryn has continued with this style, also being influenced by Ashtanga, whilst maintaining a keen focus on alignment. In recent years she has seen increasingly the mental benefits of and finds great pleasure in balancing flow with some yin, making use of props to support the body and make the practice accessible for all abilities. Without doubt always a student, not wishing to reinvent the yoga practice but to simply share and teach, so that others may benefit from the knowledge that the practice of yoga imparts. Taking a a light hearted approach, with a little humour, & leaving the ego off the mat, Cathryn hopes to share some insight to take along with you into day to day life! Cathryn is also a lifestyle & motivation coach, helping individuals restore their sense of self.


Gayle Pocock

The joy in Movement. At the age of 35 I taught myself to balance on my hands. The building blocks involved in the learning process changed something deep within me and now I want to share this with the World. From the physical and mental health benefits to the carefree joy and the playfulness we seem to have left behind as children. Focusing on movement quality, flexibility, strength, control and mindfulness. We have one body to live in for the rest of our lives. Lets make it an enjoyable time and experience the true freedom of human movement.

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Junie Jones


Claire Fisher

Claire began sharing her passion for mindful movement whilst completing her PhD in Psychology. Her fascination with the human mind goes hand-in-hand with her love of hula hooping and yoga; two forms of moving meditation that strengthen the mind-body connection through creative expression and present-moment awareness. Claire, who teaches vinyasa flow, yoga nidra, and hoop dance, weaves a combination of ancient wisdom and scientific insights into the human psyche through her teachings. Warm and inclusive in her approach, she encourages you to let loose in order to find your flow. She strongly believes that empowered movement teaches us to truly love the shell we’re in.


Liz Abendroth

Liz teaches classes for all ages of yogis, including Kids Yoga, Teen Yoga, Gentle Yoga, Restorative and Meditation. Her training includes 200 hour with Satyam Yoga school, training with Yoga Calm, Kidding Around Yoga, Mindful Schools and a Masters degree in Education. Classes are designed to foster a sense of community and mindfulness.


Karen Small

Passionate about movement and community Karen is an experienced Nia Black Belt teacher and Scotland's first GROOVE Facilitator. Warm and open hearted she loves to create safe spaces to re-connect with both yourself and others through holistic, barefoot dance. Working with the body, choosing joy and ease, dance is not something that only certain people can do. Rather it can be a powerful, healing, inspiring tool - available to each of us - exactly as we are today, if we will only step in.

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Janet McInnes

A warm and inclusive teacher, Janet is passionate about holding a steady presence and sharing tools that support students to meet their own evolving needs. Currently her energy is shared between nurturing her home studio in Leith, offering retreats in Scotland and Europe and following her teachers around the world. Having assisted Ana Forrest and other Guardian Forrest Yoga teachers, she also regularly hosts teacher trainings with Jambo Truong in Edinburgh. Her teaching practice integrates her up to date and evidence informed education in Perinatal, Forrest Yoga, Yin and Mindfulness.


Arenze Fischer

Arenze is an yoga teacher, storyteller and holds an MA in Anthropology.
Arenze's style of teaching is warm, lighthearted and calm. A passionate storyteller, she often weaves myth and stories into her classes. The yoga style is based mainly on Hatha Yoga, with inspiration from Yin, Restorative and Vinyasa, depending on the theme and students of the class.
Arenze took her first yoga class in 1994, went on a three months retreat the following year, moved into an ashram for a couple of years, and started teaching yoga in 2002. She trained as a yoga teacher with the Galway Yoga Centre in Ireland and has gone on to qualify in kids' yoga, pregnancy yoga, postnatal and baby yoga, Open Flow Vinyasa and restorative yoga. She lives in Copenhagen with her husband a two children. She teaches in various studios in and around Copenhagen and is a teacher trainer at The Little Yoga House.

Diane Oliver

Based in Argyll, I set up Woodland Elements to blend my passions for yoga, splashing about in the sea, permaculture and nature. The connection between land and people for me is key and I love to share ideas, experiences and inspire others on their journey. I am a child of the elements, I burn, I breath, I surge, I grow.


Biddy Simpson

A keen hill walker, trail runner and Kundalini Yoga practioner, I run Past-Tracks - a small company based in Argyll, which offers Chi Walking instruction to groups and on a 1: 1 basis. I've always been passionate about walking (especially hill walking) for lots of different reasons. It is a great way to keep active, fit and strong, it really helps our mental and spiritual well being, because its great to explore and discover new places and it can also be great to challenge ourselves (physically and mentally). Through injury and age, I have become increasingly aware of the importance of moving more and moving well. Chi Walking, combines some of the guiding principles found in ancient traditions of T'ai Chi and Yoga and fuses them with more modern concepts found in the laws of physics and biomechanics. The result being an increased awareness of your standing and walking posture, a greater mind-body connection, reduced injuries, greater strength and stamina and rediscovering a love of walking. Walking is the building block to so many things that we do. If we can do it with less stress, more awareness and more energy then the results will flow into other parts of our lives (physically, mentally and emotionally).

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Mark Leonard

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Mark Russell

Mark has been teaching Yoga since 2011. In that time he has sought out the truth about Yoga, how we move, how we support and touch others from the best teachers in the world. From studying with Leslie Kaminoff to spending a month in Laos continuing his study if Thai massage Mark has settled on two teachers who are his main sources of inspiration and learning. AG Mohan, who was a student of Krishnamacharya for 20 years, is Mark's main source for teaching on the philosophy and practice of Yoga. Gary Carter who is one of the most insightful anatomy teachers on the planet is Mark's main teacher for anatomy and movement. Mark teaches from young to old, from athlete to infirm, encouraging everyone to make the most of their body, explore the depths of movement available to them and obviously to enjoy the process!

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Heather Bird

Heather’s life time study of the body/mind connection, firstly in the medical industry and later in holistic health care (merging science, energetic medicine and spirituality) and her eminence of calm provide an extra dose of insight and zen during her classes. Heather is also passionate about the benefits of being in the great outdoors especially in our beautiful country, combing mindful movement and holistic adventures to empower you, activate and awaken your creative life force energy.

Laura McCrimmon at Scapa Fest 2018

Laura McCrimmon


fiona sears

Fiona Sears

The Chocolate Woman, Sacred Ceremony Facilitator, Somatic Bodyworker, Restorative Yoga Teacher and Wild Mama...WEaving the mystery into form, one step at a time...


Rebecca Fisher

Rebecca is a 500hr Teacher trained in U.K., Ireland and India in Vinyasa Flow, Kids yoga, Mum and Baby Yoga and Yoga for Special Needs.

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Deborah Grossman

Deborah Grossman is a Seasonal Flow and Kids yoga teacher based in Glasgow. She has extensive experience teaching baby, toddler, children, tweens, teens and family yoga, and adults, both in studios and in schools.


Sue Watson

Passionate about the possibility of a different way of working, Sue combines the experience of many years of observing and understanding how people move as a physiotherapist with the perceptual skills of craniosacral therapy. It’s a magical combination that sent her on a journey of discovery – what can happen when you work with people doing what they love doing? Offering a sense of what could be possible if you are able to ‘let go here or there’, or ‘increase awareness here or there’ through having ‘hands on’ during your practice – more than an adjustment of posture, for a little long than the teacher has time for – just long enough for you to really notice, really feel, really be with your experience. And what happens when we change the environment – therapy with the environment in mind… Sue’s expertise lies in having a in depth understanding of anatomy and movement, of how sensory integration and our life experiences – including persisting stress - affect our behaviours and movement patterns and many years experiencing the uniqueness of many individuals. Every body is different - this is important - providing an ever-expanding repertoire of experience and richness that will benefit the next person. Sue works very intuitively with a highly developed sensory awareness allows her to ‘listen’ through touch allowing the source of the problem to be ‘heard’, rather than the focus being on the problem. Travel, adventure, running, climbing, biking, children, deep relationships and gardening are among the sources of her inspiration and nourishment. Sue is a Chartered Physiotherapist registered with the HCPC, qualified in craniosacral therapy with the Upledger Institute to Certificate level (2007), and has a Diploma in Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy with Body Intelligence (2017).

Adventure & Outdoor Education


Neil Harvey

Neil comes from a background in Outdoor Education and change management. Originally from Scotland Neil instructed for Outward Bound in both Canada and New Zealand before taking on the role of Quality Risk Manager for Outward Bound Australia. Neil returned to Scotland in 2012. He lives on the Isle of Mull from where he runs Wild Journeys and Wild Campers. Neil holds a Mountain Leader Award from the Mountain Training Association.


Dougie Strang

I am a storyteller and performer, with a particular interest in the physical and cultural ecology of wild places. I have an MA in Scottish Ethnology and am a core member of the Dark Mountain Project. I work with various arts, adventure, and environmental organisations, and facilitate events and encounters that lead people into a deeper relationship with the natural world. I live by the Water of Ae in Dumfriesshire.


Chris Loynes

I am both a practitioner and an academic of outdoor learning who has been excited all my life about forests, mountains and seas; and about adventure and wildlife. I love accompanying people as they experience and learn about the outdoors, the activities that can take them there and the places they encounter. I have been a teacher, youth worker and advisor as well as a lecturer. I live in the Lake District and spend as much time as possible amongst the mountains and islands of the west coast of Scotland.

Kate Rawles

Kate Rawles is passionate about using adventurous journeys to help raise awareness and inspire action on our major environmental challenges. A former university lecturer in environmental philosophy, she set up Outdoor Philosophy to explore the big questions about human/nature relations - and how to improve them – in nature rather than in lecture theatres. In 2006, she cycled from Texas to Alaska along the spine of the Rockies exploring climate change. Her book about this journey, The Carbon Cycle; Crossing the Great Divide, was shortlisted for the Banff Mountain Festival Adventure Travel Award, 2012. Other ‘adventure plus’ journeys include the Gyre to Gaia ocean plastic pollution sailing voyage with Pangaea Exploration. Kate has recently returned from The Life Cycle, from Colombia to Cape Horn by bamboo bike, exploring biodiversity: what it is, why it matters and what can be done to protect it. Web: FB: TW: @CarbonCycleKate Inst: @CarbonCycleKate

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Chris Saunders


Ben Wilde

en trained as a boatbuilder at the North West School of Wooden Boatbuilding in 2008 and has been working as a boatbuilder and teacher since. He ran the boatbuilding programme of the GalGael Trust from 2010 to 2018 including a major Heritage Lottery Funded project 'Anchor and Sail'. As part of that he delivered the first City and Guilds qualifications in boatbuilding in Scotland with Martin Hughes from the Scottish Maritime Museum.

While at GalGael he built at least 10 new boats and restored as many again. Notable projects including restoring Orcuan, a 30' Hebridean Birlinn belonging to the GalGael Trust; new build of the Iain Oughtred West Coast Skiff and developing a new 10'6" clinker dinghy design with builder and designer Jonny Burke

He's also been instrumental in establishing the Clydebuilt Festival in Glasgow and the Glasgow Coastal Rowing Club. His main interests are maritime heritage and making it as accessible as it possibly can be, and of course sailing, rowing and playing in small craft.

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Lucie Bradley

Health and wellbeing using traditional holistic approaches. Lucie Bradley offers treatments and professional advice on herbs, nutrition and massage.

Stephen Mackintosh

Stephen Mackintosh is an Outreach Astronomer and Maths and Science educator. Through his business 'Highland Astronomy Tours' he hosts public and private stargazing events throughout the Highlands and further afield.  He leads astronomy outreach for the ’Star Stories’ programme at Abriachan Forest near Loch Ness, and provides regular astronomy guiding for community organisations and hotels such as the Merkinch partnership and Torridon Resort.
He specialises in naked eye stargazing and binocular tours of the night sky, revealing our strong cultural and scientific connections with the heavens.  He is particularly inspired by the awesome timescales involved in the evolution of stars and the larger galactic constructs that make up our visible universe, and how humans have slowly come to understand our very fragile place in a vast cosmos.
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Roisin Lyle-Collins

Roisin is a Freelance Outdoor Environmental Educator living in Argyll. She is committed to supporting humanity to reconnect with the natural world. Her practice is rooted in the 8 shields having trained with The Art of Mentoring UK. Roisin collaborates with diverse environmental organisations. She offers nature connection programs to children and community groups in alignment with the Celtic Wheel of the Year weaving ancient crafts, ecology and foraged food into an earthing curriculum of enchantment. A certified Woodland Activity Leader and Branching Out Leader; she is now working on her Masters in Outdoor Environmental Sustainability Education with The University of Edinburgh. Alongside her nurturing practice of humanity she is tending her skills of animal husbandry and food growing, aspiring to live a self sufficient life. Gardening is her yoga. Scapa Fest is a community with integrity and Roisin is delighted to be in connection with Scapa once again.


Lauren Lochrie

Deborah Cooper Scapa Fest 2018

Deborah Cooper

Joni Mackay Scapa Fest 2018

Joni Mackay

Environmental Action


Linda Thomas

Eco Fashion Designer with a passion for beach cleaning and using fashion to highlight ocean plastic pollution. Background of two decades in medicine and now helping people recover from psychological trauma using Matrix Reimprinting.

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Caroline Malcolm

Upcycled World is a not-for-profit organisation that specialises in running creative reuse workshops and events. We’ve designed reuse experiences that are fun and rewarding. Our upcycling classes are popular with all ages, backgrounds and abilities. We're on a mission to bring more creativity and sustainability to the world by teaching and inspiring others to be creative and upcycle as well as promoting conscious consumerism and a zero waste lifestyle.

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scapa fest yoga adventure mindful living energy