3+1 golden reasons why you should get your Scapa Fest Early Bird Ticket as soon as possible

Our Early Bird Offer is limited. ​

Here are 3+1 golden reasons why you should get yours as soon as possible!


1. You wallet will thank you.

Save £100 on the regular price ticket when you come with a friend or your partner! Our Early Bird offer saves you £50 per ticket!

2. Early Bird catches the worm.

You get to register first in the workshops, including the limited capacity ones (some only have as little as 8 spaces). How will you know which ones are limited? You will see a LIMITED label next the workshop titles on our schedule

4. Early Bird - but also bold bird - catches the worm.

Dare yourself and be among the first participants creating a new kind of global yoga + adventure + mindful living community! Make sure that you're part of an event everyone will talk about.

4. Scapa Fest 2018 is coming sooner than you think.

Early Bird Tickets are only available until September 21st, 2017.

Also, note, that children 12 and under go free!


Did you know that...

Our Early Bird Offer is an incentive for people to purchase their tickets early so that they save money and we have cashflow to begin with. Our ONLY FUNDING comes from ticket sales, so the earlier you buy your ticket, the more secure we become.

Thank you!

Clemence - Founder of Scapa Fest


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