Could time spent in nature become the next vital sign when it comes to health & wellbeing?

We are Scapa Fest, multi-day outdoor yoga and adventure experiences designed to help people escape the routine, regain inspiration and discover their true nature.

Over 3 days, from sunrise to sunset, in one of the world's most beautiful location, we bring together the most inspiring global experts in mind-body health, outdoor education and environmental action to deliver immersive practical and educational sessions to families and individuals who attend from all over the world.

Our event programme is designed to encourage strong families, healthier kids and environment protection every step of the way.

Today, we're inviting you to embark on a journey like no other, a one-a-kind experience for all mind-body-nature explorers.

What people say

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Amy and Jake Glasgow, Scotland

"Priceless family memories and an amazing opportunity to connect in nature."

Anna Copenhagen, Denmark

"An absolute perfection, I feel like I have come home."

Michael Inverness, Scotland

"A beautiful setting, collection of people and fantastic activities on offer..."

Join a community gathered around Yoga, Movement, Adventure and Mindful Living. Discover our unique vision that weaves together mind-body health, environmental action and outdoor education. Escape to one of the world's most beautiful location, for a one-a-kind immersive experience, for all mind-body-nature explorers. The next Scapa Fest is in...