All good things…

In the same way that all good things must, it came to an end. But I think I can safely assume that while it lasted the whirlwind that is Scapa weekend left a lasting impact on each of us and initiated many journeys of discovery.

Away from the stress and urgency of fast paced “normality”, my eyes for one were opened to the beauty of simple living. Connecting with people away from screens and mobile phones. Greeting strangers with a smile rather than burying your head back to your phone. I think I speak for everyone when I say that Scapa reminds of the simple art we have forgotten, of “being” human “beings”. … laughing, falling, failing, succeeding… together.

How refreshing was it to not have an appointment to make, a deadline to meet, rooms to tidy and stresses to stress about! To have time to talk to and find out about other people who you would never normally connect with. By Sunday I felt as though I had made friends I knew better than people I’ve known for a year!

If I’ve learned anything from the festival it’s to take things a little less seriously. To open up to new experiences, to have trust in others, trust in myself. To be okay with things going not exactly as planned, or better yet being okay with not having a plan! To not only have fun, but to move a little slower – so that the enjoyment can last for longer!

We don’t need to use the excuse of being away from reality, at a festival, to embrace these values. It’s all very easy in the surrounds of a magical campsite but it’s easy to fall back into old habits when we return to our own lives. But every little helps’, so let’s make an exception to the rule – maybe all good things don’t have to come to an end after all… Think of what was achieved in two days – friendships made, boats built, stories told, wood crafted, poses mastered (or at least attempted!) and most importantly fun had. Just imagine what we could do if we take the lessons we learned and live every day a little more mindfully and a little more Scapa. Let’s not let the magic fade. Feed the spark inside you with what really makes you tick: whether that’s nature or laughter, creativity or storytelling. What really makes life worth living is taking time to notice the small wonders in every day – even away from the campsite they are still there if you look hard enough – so hold on to what you can find to make “normality” a little less stressed and a little more Scapa – try new things, be brave, be bold, be kind, and enjoy it!… Until next year!

Isabella is a student in Glasgow and a children’s yoga teacher. Growing up on Loch Fyne, home of Scapa Fest, she has a passion for nature and the wonder of Scottish wilderness. She was inspired to write this piece after moving from a small rural village to the ‘big city’, after a personal battle with mental illness, and being confronted with the loneliness of today’s tech crazy city culture. 

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