The future of Scapa: Blow or Blessing?

Since the blow of the news of the cancellation of Scapa Fest after a year of interruption and disruption – and months of work to create an event that I believed would provide a safe place for us to get together again – I’ve been thinking a lot about what the future holds for Scapa, not only as an event but also as a business and an ecosystem of values.

I am grateful for the immense support of the community, from the outpouring of heartfelt words to the amazing testimonials over the years. From the bottom of my heart, thank you.

Facing limits is rarely pleasant but I trust this rerouting for it is bringing forth lots of new ways to think and see – which I welcome.

What is Scapa?

Scapa aka Scapa Fest or Scapa Life is a global community of change-makers celebrating sustainable living in action both in-person and through live online events.

It’s a unique vision that weaves together mind-body health, environmental action and outdoor education into outstanding experiences for individuals and families who want to learn how to live more sustainably and more creatively, inside and out.

Scapa Fest is a very fluid entity, born primarily from adventure as a way of living and thinking. Its very nature is to change and adapt to provide outstanding experiences for people who are willing to take part as co-creators instead of consumers.

Why Scapa?

The aim of Scapa is to create a community and a movement to support each other through the daily practice of a more creative and sustainable way of living through a triple active (not passive) deep-dive: 

  • Mind-body health: exploring & nurturing the relationship with self
  • Outdoor education/adventure: exploring & cultivating the relationship with our external environment
  • Environmental Action: exploring & practicing an everyday environmental activism

Where are we now?

Recently, as one would expect in the middle of a pandemic, the vision that I have for this community has evolved. This is more of a fine-tuning rather than a radical change.

The latest cancellation has created an expected pocket of time for me to look inwards and redefine the values that contain us, feed us and hold us accountable since 2016.

The main thing I’d like to expose is that there has been a growing imbalance since the first Scapa Fest took place between the creation forces and the consumption forces.

Three years in, Scapa Fest has become a very unbalanced entity between creation and consumption. From where I am standing, the energy expenditure required to create it is huge. The financial expenditure is equally huge. The return on both aspects is minimal. The balance isn’t quite right and to be completely truthful, it probably never was.

The majority of events are only viable because of sponsorships – something I have refused to do out of integrity.

Where are we going?

Everything that Scapa offers since 2016 revolves around the following values:

  • Mind-body health: exploring & nurturing the relationship with self
  • Outdoor education/adventure: exploring & cultivating the relationship with our external environment
  • Environmental Action: exploring & practicing an everyday environmental activism

In the future, I would like to introduce a deeper layer, a deeper current, as Hannah Ruth Dyson would call it:

  • Biodynamic living – at ALL levels (food, clothing, shelter, travel etc…)
  • Natural health – plant/holistic medicine, heal & optimise
  • Body sovereignty – skills & knowledge for autonomy
  • Earthwise family – lead by example

Yoga, kayaking, foraging, medicine making, storytelling, stand-up paddle boarding, spoon carving, meditation etc… are only activities/tools/mediums to convey all the above values.

My dream for the future is that we gather around values to co-create activities we all take part in.

To continue, Scapa Fest MUST become a more collective piece and for this, we are going to need to work together more and elevate ourselves from the current model of operation.

What about the online aspect of Scapa?

Our online offerings are most definitely here to stay.

When it comes to teaching skills and passing on knowledge-expanding, only a global approach is the only legitimate approach to reflect the various cultures and history/herstory these skills emanate from. Our knowledge is a fabric woven from multiple threads we don’t own. We only really own what we make with it.

I’ve witnessed a lot of resistance against online experiences and here is what I have to say about it:

  • Tech is a tool that – well utilised – creates community. 
  • Like with every tool, it is nothing without intention and purpose. “Bad” experiences online come from passivity – waiting for something to be delivered without putting in the work.
  • The definition of technology is telling: the skills, methods and processes used to achieve goals.

Lastly, is flying ourselves or teachers and facilitators round the world something that we still want? A genuine question.

What can you do now ?

We need to get together!

The first thing you can do is to sign up to attend Own your Horizon, our new in-person event happening on Sunday, June 13th. That’s where the collective work begins.

Thanks for reading.

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