Bardic Fire at Scapa Fest the UK's Yoga and Adventure Festival

The Bardic Fire at Scapa Fest | by Dougie Strang

I have to confess, I’m not a yoga practitioner. I’ve dabbled, and enjoyed the dabbling, but never committed to the discipline of regular practice. What I have gained, from my limited experience, is a sense that it’s much more than just a physical exercise; that it’s a way of […]

doug strang

Dougie Strang, a deeper relationship with the Natural World

Scapa Fest is a special event in the UK because it weaves together mind-body health, outdoor education and environmental action. Our instructors and programme are the cornerstone of this unique coming together.  We’re so proud to introduce you to… Dougie Strang! Are you ready to learn how to weave a […]

fiona sears

Fiona Sears. Through Body. Into Soul.

Ever since I was a child I have asked questions about nature, people and relationships between the two. I loved to read and be told stories of folk and faerie tales and all the ancient Greek myths as this was where I was born and raised. The connection to […]

fire gathering

Spotlight on… adventure! | with Neil Harvey

Adventure + outdoor education expert Neil Harvey from Wild Journeys is the man behind Scapa Fest 2018 outstanding adventure lineup and schedule. We’ve asked Neil about his own definition of adventure… The terms “adventure” can be misleading or hard to define. When people talk about adventure, many think it […]

Kate Rawles Adventure Outdoor Philosophy at Scapa Fest 2018

Kate Rawles, The Carbon Cycle and The Life Cycle

Dr Kate Rawles is a passionate advocate of ‘adventure plus‘ – using adventurous journeys to help raise awareness and inspire action on our most urgent environmental challenges. She has worked with Pangaea Exploration on a sailing expedition through the North Atlantic Gyre that brought together scientists, artists and activists […]