All good things…

In the same way that all good things must, it came to an end. But I think I can safely assume that while it lasted the whirlwind that is Scapa weekend left a lasting impact on each of us and initiated many journeys of discovery. Away from the stress […]


A Second Take

Stop. I dare you. Drop everything, take a breath and look around. Who do you see? The shop assistant you see everyday who’s name badge you’ve never noticed? The librarian you’ve never thanked? The homeless guy outside the subway you’ve never smiled at. People. Lots of them. Everywhere. Each […]

Journeys Scapa Fest

Journeys: getting lost and changing your mind | by Holly Saxton

It’s ok to change your mind. It’s ok to change jobs, apartments, friends, cities. It’s ok to pack up, book that ticket, go somewhere far and somewhere completely new. Make new friends, fall in love with sunsets again. Take a journey, take a flight, go on that road trip. […]


The weather at Scapa Fest

We know you’ve all been secretly thinking about that… What will the weather be like at Scapa Fest? It’s Scotland after all! Will it be cold and wet? What about camping? We’ve done some research for you… The month of May at Ardkinglas Estate/Loch Fyne is the DRYEST and […]


Leave No Trace | Scapa Fest Sustainability Manifesto

Developing a sustainable relationship with our environment is at the heart of what we do and that’s why we’ve taken huge steps to make sure Scapa Fest is designed to be respectful and in balance with the environment around it. Scapa Fest is aiming to be a Low Impact, Zero Waste […]

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What we stand for | by Clemence Cocquet

Recently I was asked to create a visual to represent our mission, something that would encompass what we stand for. What is the Scapa Life? Why Scapa Fest? The first thing that came to my mind was a constellation:   We stand far apart, yet together we form something […]

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STRESS + RELAX = GROWTH | by Michal Shimonovich

We’ve all had those weeks, the ones that don’t seem to end. Sometimes it’s a big presentation for a major client that’s constantly perched on your shoulders, driving you crazy on your drive home wondering if there’s a typo on page five and nagging you while you are ordering […]