Bardic Fire at Scapa Fest the UK's Yoga and Adventure Festival

The Bardic Fire at Scapa Fest | by Dougie Strang

I have to confess, I’m not a yoga practitioner. I’ve dabbled, and enjoyed the dabbling, but never committed to the discipline of regular practice. What I have gained, from my limited experience, is a sense that it’s much more than just a physical exercise; that it’s a way of […]

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How to do Ujjayi breathing to control the way you feel

In an age where we are obsessed with changing the way we feel through alcohol, cigarettes, vaping, drugs, gambling, shopping and hits of social media, Jambo Truong believes we are actually just one deep breath away from deciding how we feel. Jambo is headlining at the opening ceremony at […]

Katie Boyle at Scapa Fest

Katie Boyle, a gift for inner peace and balance

Katie Boyle has a gift for supporting people to develop a greater sense of inner peace and balance.Katie is a Level 3 Certified Forrest Yoga and Integrative Restoration Yoga Nidra teacher. She is also a coach and Indian Head masseur with a gift for supporting people to develop a […]

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Laura McCrimmon, grounding yoga and movement medicine

Laura is a teacher that will constantly remind you that yoga and life go hand in hand, you cannot walk away from it once you step off the mat. She is dedicated to making yoga and the benefits it brings an integral part of healthcare for any and everyone […]

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Katrino Yoga, dive into the wisdom

Learn how to dive deep into the wisdom, the sounds and the experience that lies within.Katrino began studying with curiosity and practising yoga while living in Canada in 2010.She graduated from The Seasonal Yoga Academy as a 200hr Yoga teacher under the guidance of Julie Hanson, Sue Wood, Marit […]

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Steph Wall, Scapa Fest Yogi Extraordinaire!

Steph Wall is Scapa Fest Yogi Extraordinaire! Not only did she help us curate an outstanding programme for 2018, she will also teach a series of workshops, perform as an artist and lead the Yogaperitif, Scapa Fest’s exclusive networking event for yoga instructors and movement professionals.Steph has a passion […]

Jambo Truong Forrest Yoga Guardian at Scapa Fest 2018

Jambo Dragon Truong, Forrest Yoga Guardian

Jambo ‘Dragon’ Truong is one of the few selected Forrest Yoga Guardians personally chosen by Ana Forrest to uphold the legacy of Forrest Yoga. He holds a degree in Integrated Health: Complementary Medicine and has special interests in ‘Well-Being & Complexities Studies’ & the ‘Native Medicine Ways’ – Jambo has […]