Changes! I’m going to have a baby in 40 days or so… As my world is about to change, so is the business.

Here is are what changes to expect in the upcoming months: 

In-person events up until September 2021

If you are booked on an up-coming in-person events such as Medicine Making in the Wild, we will meet just as planned.

As this will be the LAST in-person workshop I will be teaching until the middle of next year, make sure to book yourself in and come and say farewell (for now) round the fire, with gorgeous wild crafted medicinal magic, songs, snacks and chats on the shores of Loch Ardinning, a short drive from Glasgow. 

Check out the reviews on social media of the last one we held to get a glimpse of the experience that awaits you. 


Individual Online Course Access

If you have already bought an individual online course, your access to that course remains, along with any updates added. You can access your course material by logging in to your account from the homepage of the website.

Scapa Life Free Membership

If you have signed up to the Scapa Life Free Membership, your access to existing content + updates will remain as is. You can access your free content by logging in to your account from the homepage of the website.

*CHANGES* Scapa School and Scapa 365 Memberships

Can you believe it’s already nearly a year since we started the online courses programme? If you are a Scapa School or Scapa 365 member, your membership will be stopped at the end of September (after the last online course). Scapa 365 members who signed up on or before October 2021 will have their access to Scapa Fest, Sustainable Living in Action Festival 2022 maintained as they have completed the 12-month cycle required to secure their place. 

*NEW* Introducing Scapa Life +

Introducing Scapa Life +, a monthly rolling membership priced at £7.99 and giving you access to all our collection of 17+ on-demand courses + digital publications while you remain a member. You can cancel anytime from your account management page.  For details of what’s included, head over here


*NEW* Introducing the Scapa Collection

For those of you NOT interested in a monthly rolling subscription, I’m launching the Scapa Collection, a bundle which gives you lifetime access to all our on-demand 17+ courses and digital publications + updates for a ONE-OFF PAYMENT of £349 (instead of £585 if you were to purchase each course individually). That’s over 100 hours of practical learning FOREVER yours. Lifelong learning is one of the core value of what we do. For details of what’s included, head over here


*CHANGES* Future in-person/online events

All our in-person & online events will resume in May/June 2022 (unless I change my mind and decide to hold some baby-friendly gatherings beforehand).

Over 300 members (!) signed up to the free membership

Over the last year, fantastic courses and learning experiences have been created by teachers from all over the world, most of them delivered live to an audience based in 4 different time zones. Many of you haven’t had a chance to experience them yet. Now is the chance to do that, on your terms, schedule, at your own pace, wherever you are in the world and wherever you are at on your sustainable living journey. 

Here are some of the results our current members have experienced from joining and taking our courses:

  • Better quality of life
  • Improved life balance
  • More independence from health & food systems
  • More sovereignty over our body
  • More creativity 
  • More adventures, even at home
  • More skills
  • More connection with the natural rhythms
  • More community
  • More visionary perspective

Affordable & Good Value

I’ve made sure the monthly rolling subscription is as affordable as possible (cheaper than Netflix btw) and the bundle gives you the best deal possible (50% discount if you compare it to buying each course individually), whilst still meeting the needs of the business. 

Whichever option you choose to purchase guarantees that Scapa Life & Scapa Fest will continue on. I am grateful for each and everyone of you, far more than I can ever express in a blog post.

How to upgrade

PS: if you are on the free membership – or any other membership – you can upgrade to Scapa Life + or the Scapa Collection at pro-rated rates very easily directly from your account management page. 

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