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Chocolate for the Soul: Everything you need to know about Cacao Ceremony

Hidden in plain sight

For centuries, the magic of cacao has been hidden in plain sight…wrapped in fancy plastic foil and separated out into easily marketable product. It mimics our own modern predicament in this way. Hiding under layer after layer of make-up, conditioning, masks…

There is however a resurgence happening. A stirring from deep in the belly that calls, and is beginning to be heard by more and more people. The soul, is yearning to be born, or re-born. To wake up from a graven sleep, it stirs, beckons, begins to dance…

In a same way, cacao is making its appearance as a whole once again. In ancient times considered holy, even. The divinity within the plant was personified by many a god and goddess, the names of most have been lost during the great burnings of texts and people who were considered a threat to the great religions. If you search for this now you may come across the goddess Ixcacao, a feminine emanation of the spirit or energy behind this plant. She is an earthen fertility goddess of ancient Mayan civilisation, one who banished hunger and nourished all who sat at her table. The incredible nutrient content that we now know cacao to hold is mirrored in this early understanding of the quality of Cacao.

The benefits of participating in a cacao ceremony are many. People have an innate yearning for tribe, for a sense of connection to their own soul, their true self as well as sharing and witnessing others in this. My belief is that we all wish to find our natural place, our purpose in this life. A ceremony can provide the space and time for us to begin unfolding our spirit, that unique way that life expresses through us in a safely held container. This seems to be a wonderful place to begin to discover new or forgotten aspects of yourself that now have permission and space to show up. It is an incredibly creatively stimulating experience.

The magic and medicine of Cacao unfolds through many layers…

On the physical plane it contains very high amounts of magnesium which alleviates tension held in the muscles and soothes pain associated with this tension, this holding on caused by stress of different kinds. Its diuretic properties assist in a letting-go process as the constant replenishment of fluids washes away physical toxins as well as toxic emotions, habits and relationships. In this way it creates an opening for real change and transformation to occur, even if we are not conscious of this at the time.

Cacao as heart medicine opens this communication centre allowing us to connect more authentically with our own experience and with others. Often when we undergo emotional trauma, we are not prepared to ‘deal’ with it, to feel the pain and stay open, and so we close down to protect ourselves. This happens metaphorically as well as literally as the pericardium, the muscle around the heart, sometimes called the heart-protector, tightens, in order to do just that – protect the heart. But over time this tightness can numb our feelings, our sense of our own heart and cut us off from this valuable part of ourself.

Mentally, Cacao helps us to release tension from thinking too much simply by bringing us back down to the felt sensations in our body. From the moment it hits our taste-buds with its bitter fullness, to the expanding warmth that fills our bellies as we assimilate the nourishing multitude of nutrients.

Cacao is a great introduction for those who are called to explore the world of plants and the relationship between plant and human, to learn a little more about themselves and then allow the truth that lives under the skin to express that little bit more.

Let’s let our wild self breathe and express through this body in this life. Let us find the joy and pleasure in being alive, and experiencing to the full all that is on offer.


Fiona Sears

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