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This unit explores the #scapalife approach to meditation as a pillar Scapa Life activity in the context of sustainable living.


  • Creating a value-driven personal and professional life
  • Developing strong skills for goal setting and vision work

Learning Outcomes

In this Unit, you will:

  • Learn how to find your Scapa
  • Learn about the dynamic relationship between appreciation and desire
  • Learn how to design a vision web to map out your goals and visions

By the end of Lesson 1, you will understand:

  • The process of finding what drives you
  • How to apply your findings to everyday life

By the end of Lesson 2, you will understand:

  • The process of using appreciation as a foundation of desire
  • How to create a rhythm to elevate everyday living

By the end of Lesson 3, you will understand:

  • The difference between a vision web and a vision board
  • The theory behind a vision web
  • How to create a vision web to evolve with you
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