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Dougie Strang, a deeper relationship with the Natural World

Scapa Fest is a special event in the UK because it weaves together mind-body health, outdoor education and environmental action. Our instructors and programme are the cornerstone of this unique coming together. 
We're so proud to introduce you to... Dougie Strang! Are you ready to learn how to weave a deeper relationship with the Natural World? 

Dougie is a storyteller and performer, with a particular interest in the physical and cultural ecology of wild places. He has an MA (hons) in Scottish Ethnology and work with various arts, adventure, and environmental organisations. He facilitates events and encounters that lead people into a deeper relationship with the natural world.

"I’m drawn to making ephemeral art: found performances, glimpsed out of the corner of the eye, pieces of magic injected unexpectedly into people’s lives. I have a background in the study of Folklore, Folk Art and Traditional Cosmology, with an MA  from Edinburgh University. This continues to provide a rich source of material for my work.

I am a member of the Dark Mountain Project’s organising collective, and co-director of Base Camp, its main gathering. I curate Carrying the Fire, an annual event, and am a participant in the Playing for Time project and a contributing editor of Bella Caledonia."

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Dougie's sessions at Scapa Fest 2018 will be:

Friday, May 4

Tracking the Land and its Stories
The Bardic Fire

Saturday, May 5

Tales of the Dawn
The Bardic Fire

Sunday, May 6

Tracking the Land and its Stories
The Bardic Fire
Website: Dougie Strang
Twitter: Dougie Strang
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