Beyond the Everyday Bread: Advanced Sourdough Recipes is an online course for confident and/or adventurous bakers of sourdough bread who wish to take a bold step towards something a little different and rise above the everyday.

Brought to you by Scapa Fest | Sustainability in Action, this online course covers 5 advanced recipes to create unique and delicious loaves & other goods that will unleash the true colours of the wild yeast that is sourdough while bringing joy in the kitchen as you learn how to create new loaves and on the table for the whole family to enjoy.

Lesson 1: Sourdough Miso Loaf

Lesson 2: Sourdough Carrot and Cumin Loaf

Lesson 3: Sourdough Oat Loaf

Lesson 4: Sourdough Raw Medicinal Cacao and Nuts Loaf

Lesson 5: Sourdough Sunday Croissants

Each lesson will take place in a two-part live class, taking place in the evening and in the morning, with live directions and answers to questions you may have.

Don’t worry about the time commitment as you can either join us live or watch the replay in your own time. Either way, you will benefit from lifelong access to the course, which contains all videos and downloadable resources which will be added as we can progress through the live course.

Prerequisite for this course: you need to be a confident and/or adventurous bread baker and in possession of an established sourdough starter.

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