Handmade Skincare: Natural Skincare Recipes for Year-Round Beautiful Skin is a 6-day #scapalife course designed to give you the confidence, the technique and the secrets to create your own skincare and natural beauty products from home. We'll start from the very beginning and add one layer of knowledge at a time, to create solutions specifically tailored to your skin and lifestyle.

This 6-day course will cover:

Lesson 1 - Day Moisturiser for Outdoor Living

Lesson 2 - Masks & Cleansers

Lesson 3 - Liquid & Powder Mineral Foundation

Lesson 4 - Essential Daily Gestures for Skin Health

Lesson 5 - Eyebrow Tint

Lesson 6 - Rose Clay Beads

Each lesson will be taught live between August 10th and August 15th, with live directions and answers to all questions you may have.

Don’t worry about the time commitment as you can either join us live or watch the replay in your own time. Either way, you will benefit from lifelong access to the course, which contains all videos and downloadable resources which will be added as we can progress through the live course.

Prerequisite for this course: none! This course is suitable for beginners.

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