Are you ready to radically pivot your life and leave your current reality in the dust?

Put your mind where your heart is?

Turn the life you have into the life you actually want?

Finding your Scapa is about connecting with YOUR TRUE NATURE. It's finding out who you truly are so that you can begin to grow and elevate.

Vision Boarding is a popular technique used by individuals and groups alike to clearly identify goals and aspirations in as much detail as possible.

Led by Scapa Fest founder & director Clemence Cocquet, this workshop will help you define, refine and shape the paths that will lead you to the clarity and focus you need to take concrete steps towards your goals.













These people have already found their Scapa. This is what they say.

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When I attended the Find your Scapa event, I had already created a number of vision boards however, I found myself in a place of uncertainty as to the direction my life was ready to take me.

Clemence has a beautiful way of finding the right balance between creating space and providing guidance and so I felt nurtured and supported to use this time and space effectively in order to allow my dreams to fall out of me and onto the paper.

Allowing ourselves the space and freedom and time to sit with our own dreams and desires in a safe and nurturing environment is so important and this is precisely what Clemence created for all attendees.

The vision board, if you allow it, will show you what's really going on at a subconscious level and bring it to the surface so that you can attend appropriately.

For the days following the event I had very profound dreams that followed the themes of what transpired on my vision board. I was able to discover important elements of my life that showed me guidance of where I need to focus my energies at this time.

I am eternally grateful for Clemence and the work that she does and for holding the space for me at an important time in my life.

Join in and bring a friend for this playful and deeply empowering workshop.

Frequently Asked Questions.

Who is it for?

People seeking clarity and new ways to grow in their personal or professional life (business, fitness, relationship, parenting etc...)

What does the workshop include?

Find your Scapa vision boarding techniques, comprehensive instruction and guidance, Scapa meditation, Workbook, Material (paper, scissors, glue and magazines).

Do I need any experience?

No. You will benefit from this workshop whether you are a complete beginner or an experienced vision boarder.

What do I need to bring?

All materials provided (including tea & coffee). Bring your favourite magazines if you'd like.

Coming with a friend?

Come with a friend and receive each £5 off. Choose the Let's find our Scapa Together ticket option.

Additional information:

On street parking.

Places strictly limited to 14.