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There is something very powerful about coming together to share things that are uniquely special to each and everyone of us individually, and all of us collectively.


At Scapa Fest, we give you the opportunity to inspire and be inspired, to share and receive, to teach and learn new ways to move, to connect with Nature and reconnect with your innate wisdom, so that we can all discover the world from a new, unexpected angle.

Our programme is the heart of the event. Scapa Fest offers partners, instructors, musicians, vendors and volunteers the unique opportunity to showcase their voice, speciality and methods to a highly concentrated and curated audience. With a special focus on mindful living and mindful movement, Scapa Fest seeks individuals and organisations who would like to share their unique voice and knowledge with the Scapa community.

At Scapa Fest, you will help our participants move their body, still their mind and find balance, in an immersive, festive and all encompassing experience.

We would be SO thrilled to have you on board!

Yoga Scotland


We welcome applications from experienced yoga, movement and adventure instructors, whose work focus on mind-body health, mindful living, meditation, movement medicine, outdoor education and environmental action. Applications for 2019 are now open. Click below to submit your workshop proposals.




Are you an expert on mindful living and mindful movement? Do you have a life-changing idea you'd like to share with our community We're on the lookout for speakers to join our Yoga off the Mat talk series lineup. CLOSED

Blog Writers

We're accepting submissions for guest blog posts. We’re looking for high quality and original content such as articles or infographics that we can share with our followers on the Scapa Life and that will benefit our community. CLOSED

Scapa Market Traders

Scapa Fest invites exhibitors to sell high quality merchandise or provide free taster sessions (such as massage etc.) that the Scapa community may find useful and inspirational.




If you would like to play a more active role in our event, we are offering the opportunity for you to roll up your sleeves and get involved behind the scenes.


scapa sponsor


Scapa Fest would like to join forces with brands that complement the event, either to directly sponsor or to collaborate in different ways. We're very open to new ideas!