Holistic Adventure Sessions at Scapa Fest

The brand new Holistic Adventure Sessions at Scapa Fest are an opportunity to be guided in the fundamental skills and safety knowledge of open canoeing on Loch Fyne, Scotland’s longest sea loch.

With a partner – and with the group as a whole – you will explore how journeying in open canoeing can enrich a deeper connection with yourself, Gaia and the Universe.

As you explore the biodiversity of inner and outer environments and the invisible boundaries we create between them, you will be guided on a transformative experience.

The Holistic Adventure Sessions at Scapa Fest bring together biodiversity, land and the medium of adventure pursuits for the purpose of connection, transformation and conservation.

Exploring far beyond verbal communication with each other, you will be guided to dive deep within the inner conversations we have with ourselves. We will look at how we communicate with nature through our thoughts and actions.

The sessions are weather and tide dependent and will adapted to meet the needs of the group.

The brand new Holistic Adventure Sessions at Scapa Fest are delivered in partnership with Adventure Carrick.


An invitation, an opportunity and an experience

This programme of Scapa Fest 2021 is an open invitation to explore your relationship with yourself and the world around you from the inside out and the outside in.

This is an opportunity to set your mind free, so it can create and engineer visionary solutions for a better balanced human society. This is a chance to give your hands & soul the precious gifts of traditional knowledge, crafts and skills.

We always receive more than we pay for when we get to actively participate instead of passively watching.

At Scapa Fest, the transaction is never complete and closed. We start a journey from which we can only return with more energy, peace of mind and freedom than we started with.

With each version of Scapa Fest, I call for experiences that are intimate, personal, and unique. I call for the creation of a multitude of powerful “you have to be there” moments.

Only through action we become the bridge between the challenging and the possible. Through daily actions, big and small, secret and public, inspired or sometimes fearful and even hesitant.

That’s why I choose to define Scapa Fest as a sustainable living IN ACTION event.

What to do next

We hope you make the most of the fantastic programme and find time in amongst it all to relax and explore the estate and all it has to offer.

If you haven’t already, book your tickets to attend on Saturday 1st May, Sunday 2nd and/or Monday 3rd May.

Everything you need to know about preparing for your Scapa experience is the free guide. Download your copy of The Essential Guide to Scapa Fest here

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