crystal on hand

There is something very powerful about coming together to share things that are uniquely special to each and everyone of us individually, and all of us collectively.

At Scapa Fest, we give you the opportunity to inspire and be inspired, to share and receive, to teach and learn new ways to think and move, to connect with nature and reconnect with your innate wisdom, so that together as a team we can grow and discover the world from a new, unexpected angle.

With a special focus on mindful living and mindful movement, Scapa Fest seeks individuals who would like to share their unique voice, skills and knowledge with the Scapa Team & the wider community.

If you're passionate about mind-body health, outdoor education and environmental action and have unique skills to share, please contact us for vacancies. As we strongly encourage remote working and outdoor living, you don't need to live in Scotland to apply as long as you have significant remote working experience and can travel once or twice a year.