Kate Rawles Adventure Outdoor Philosophy at Scapa Fest 2018

Kate Rawles, The Carbon Cycle and The Life Cycle

Dr Kate Rawles is a passionate advocate of ‘adventure plus‘ – using adventurous journeys to help raise awareness and inspire action on our most urgent environmental challenges. She has worked with Pangaea Exploration on a sailing expedition through the North Atlantic Gyre that brought together scientists, artists and activists to explore ocean plastic pollution. Her book The Carbon Cycle (Word Power Books, 2nd edition, 2016) is based on a 4,553 mile Rocky Mountain bike ride from Texas to Alaska exploring climate change.

She is currently cycling ‘The Life Cycle‘ from Colombia to Cape Horn on a bamboo bike that she built herself, with a focus on biodiversity: why it matters and what can be done to protect it. Kate will be cycling 5000 – 6000 miles, riding passes that will take her over 15,000 feet and travelling through a huge variety of habitats, from deserts to rainforests. As with The Carbon Cycle, Kate will be visiting all sorts of relevant projects, places and people en route; seizing the chance for spontaneous chats about biodiversity in truck-stops, campsites and cafes as she goes.

Kate is a former University lecturer (environmental ethics at Lancaster and Outdoor Studies at Cumbria) and lives in Cumbria (when she is not on the road!)

Website:           www.outdoorphilosophy.co.uk

Facebook:        https://www.facebook.com/biodiversitybikeride/

Instagram:        @carboncyclekate

Twitter:             @carboncyclekate


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