New free resource: Sol Oxymel

I’ve added a new free resource for you over on the Scapa Life Free Membership. Learn how to craft an everyday health ally from scratch with this easy recipe: the Sol Oxymel.

What is an oxymel?

An oxymel is a traditional medicinal remedy for everyday use. It contains a specific blend of plants and foods extracted in both vinegar and honey, great to add to dishes and take as a tonic. (Not to be confused with an hydromel, which is an alcoholic beverage created from the fermented extraction of plants in water and honey).

Using raw apple cider vinegar and raw honey – two of the most potent kitchen allies – combined with plants and foods that carry additional benefits, oxymels are great to help soothe a sore throat or a cough and generally strengthen the immune system against colds and flu.

More than a recipe, a formula to craft your everyday health ally

This Sol Oxymel is your everyday ally, both in times of sickness or weakened immunity and to optimise an already good health.

More than a recipe, this free resource is a formula for you to explore beyond the current instructions, which are seasonal, and provide your body with everyday tonics tailored to your needs.

To craft your everyday health ally from scratch, you will need […]

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