Ordered to cancel Scapa Fest 2021 [NEWS]

Ordered to cancel Scapa Fest 2021. On April 12th I received an email from Argyll & Bute Council ordering us to cancel Scapa Fest 2021. This is completely unexpected and devastating news.

I was told by EventScotland on December 8th 2020 to follow the Sport Scotland guidance due to the nature of activities we provide (non-contact sports activities and no spectators).

Subsequently, on December 10th, I wrote to Argyll & Bute Council and was told by their licensing department that we wouldn’t require licences due to the small numbers we were planning on having.

Furthermore, adult non-contact sports activities for up to 15 people are now allowed by law and have been since Friday 12 March 2021.

I have planned Scapa Fest 2021 based on the advice received as detailed above and entirely within the rules set by the Scottish Government, even going above and beyond what is required of us to keep participants safe.

While Argyll & Bute Council decision doesn’t appear to be justified by any formal and official evidence, I have no choice but to proceed with the cancellation of Scapa Fest 2021 to avoid enforcement. 

I have asked Argyll & Bute for for a full breakdown of their decision but I haven’t heard back. I will communicate their answer if and when I have it.

Gathering in real-life to nourish community bonds is necessary to human well-being.

I am immensely sad, angry, and tired after so many months of tricky planning to deliver an experience that met our own standards and  the safety standards expected to provide you with a healthy, inspiring getaway after a year of restrictions.

Several businesses across Scotland, from Ayrshire to Lothian, are currently providing activities similar to the ones we are offering and do not face cancellations.

Scapa Fest was never just a business and never just an event. It means more to me than I can ever put into words. The loss of the opportunity to host it despite huge effort to operate within the rules is very, very difficult to stomach. 

Please bear with me while we hopefully receive more information from Argyll & Bute Council.

Tickets purchased specifically for Scapa Fest 2021 can be rolled over to ANY of future in-person events, including our 2022 event scheduled to happen on 2-4 September 2022, as a preferred option while I work out what the next step is.

Our programme of online events with our international teachers and guests will continue undisturbed and I will communicate any plans to host in-person events as soon as I have them.

With each version of Scapa Fest, I call for experiences that are intimate, personal, and unique. I call for the creation of a multitude of powerful “you have to be there” moments. Despite the restrictions, this was no different.

Only through action we become the bridge between the challenging and the possible. Through daily actions, big and small, secret and public, inspired or sometimes fearful and even hesitant.

That’s why we choose to define Scapa Fest as a sustainable living IN ACTION event.

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  1. Dear Scapa Community,
    This is sudden and sad news. Sending my love to everyone involved in organising and pateintly await next years event.

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