[ONLINE] Own your Horizon – Adventure Immersive

This course explores the #scapalife approach to adventure as a founding Scapa Life principle in the context of sustainable living. You will learn how to create adventures for yourself wherever you are, develop your sense of curiosity to engage all your senses on a daily basis and increase your confidence to navigate your edges, so that you can create daily outstanding experiences.

Scapa Fest are committed to providing events, courses and activities that help participants explore the relationship between mind-body health, adventure and environmental action.

With this in mind we created Own Your Horizon an adventure immersive online course which provides theory & skills and a deep dive into the spirit of adventure for the purpose of individual and collective mind-body health and environmental action.

First, you will learn to understand how to map out and navigate your inner landscape depending on the outer environment you find yourself in.

You will explore the pillars of sustainable adventure creation, allowing you to generate freedom, strength and creativity wherever you go.

Then you will be guided through various individual challenges and practical activities which will help you put into practice the theory of adventure creation in relation to your inner landscape.

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