Scapa Life Resilience Kit

The Scapa Life Resilience Kit [FREE COURSE]

Do you want to experience less reliance on supermarkets without changing where you live? Do you want to know what it feels like to instinctively what to do and when to do it when it comes to your wellness and wellbeing and the one of your family? Do you want to experience more alignment, more balance, more flow, less tension in your daily life?

This is sustainable living. A life that creates its own self-sustaining nurture inside and out from practicing and achieving true balance. A life we practice here as The Scapa Life.

Bringing sustainable living skills in the city (or wherever you live) are one of the best ways to add meaning, creativity, health and a sense of reward and achievement to our busy lives.

Once mastered, these skills are what makes us truly resilient, and this is exactly what the world needs us to be – right now and long-term.

In this FREE Scapa Life Resilience Kit you will find:

Monthly schedule

With a step-by-step action plan to help you weave the demands of your busy life, full of constraints you sometimes have little control over, with the rewards of creating your own urban homestead – inside your mind and wherever you live – and live the Scapa Life everyday of the year. A life of daily health, daily adventures and daily environmental action.

Detailed recipes, instructions & resources

To shift the way you live to one that directly supports you and your family, brings sparks of curiosity and adventure round the corner from you, as you find the source of your own resilience.

Dedicated Community

Access to a dedicated Facebook Group where you can document your Scapa Life journey and share it with the rest of the community so we can continue to learn from each other and lead by example.