Yoga is Invisible: Recipes for Radical Interiority


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As we move out of the lockdown into a new unknown “normal,” we need to embrace new ways to be with time. To be alone.To be alone together. We need to be able to soothe ourselves with our own practices: to strengthen and feel expansive, to cultivate habits that contain our anxieties, that help us to be pliant and tenacious enough to grieve fully and laugh wholeheartedly.

In terror we all experience self states that dissociate. As we face emergencies, we tend to evacuate, to flee not just the “scene of the crime” but the very locus of it, the body that feels pain and pleasure, the body in its infinite sensitivity and honesty. To contain the crisis, we learn to gaslight our own innate intelligence and somatic sense of cohesion, we separate concepts of “body” and “mind.” 

Today’s circumstances literally take our breath away. We are left gasping at the magnitude of the crisis, frozen with fear about personal, familial, practical and financial losses, terrified that we or our loved ones might face them alone. But the truth is this: as long as we are living, we can take our breath back. While the mind races and our bodies seize in tension, the breath is there, as always. Reliable, trustworthy, present. A rhythm you can count on. An anchor in this tumultuous sea of collective trauma. One’s breath is the lead instrument in the soundtrack of life. With a bit of attention, friendliness and curiosity, this magnificent instrument can be tuned, can be trained, can be turned to for comfort and even pleasurable expansion in times of deep constriction.

  • Self practice
  • Pranayama and meditation
  • Daily writing and reflection
  • Basic recipes for self care
  • Resources for inspiration

The poetry of one’s own breathing is deeply personal and unique. Yet we all are made of the same essential stuff, the space dust, the ancient minerals, the genetic streams extending back into primordial seas. We are built for life, and life is breathing through you right now. Choose it.


1 hour daily Monday-Friday

4-5pm | London

5-6pm | Stockholm + Paris + Rome

8-9am | California

11-12pm | New York

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