Rumours swirl that we’ve changed.

Yes we have.

What are we?

Scapa is Sustainable Living in Action. It is built on the powerful interlinking of health (mind/body), adventure and environmental action. I founded this business in 2016 after years of work for the NHS as a physio in Medicine for the Elderly and Spinal Injuries.

As a business, our mission is simple:

  • Help you acquire mind-body-health-enhancing skills and practices
  • Assist you in developing an adventurous mindset through the daily practice of curiosity + confidence
  • Accompany you on a daily and profound commitment to environmental action

A yoga practice doesn’t fit in one or another category – it encompasses all 3 above elements and this is what makes Scapa’s approach outstanding and appealing. The very same applies to all the adventure pursuits we offer and the environmental activism we practice as a community.

How do we help people?

Since 2016 I have created 3 ways for you to get involved:

First, a festival (Scapa Fest) which takes place once a year on the west coast of Scotland, where we gather world-class experts in mind-body health, outdoor education and environmental action in order to create an immersive experience for people and families just like you.

Second, a programme of year-round online courses and events (Scapa Life Online Courses) consisting of immersive, week-long trainings. The membership also includes free courses to get you started on a path of better health, adventure and environmental action.

And third, a monthly membership (Scapa 365), which gives access to both the festival and our programme of monthly courses (with exclusive discounts on brands aligned with our values) and allows an even deeper dive to create long-lasting change.

Today, whether you are new to the Scapa Life or not, I invite you to discover these 3 options featured on the homepage on our website.

Choose one, and start your journey where you are.

I can’t wait to meet you on the way.

Clem x

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