Scapa Bookstore for Curious Minds now open

A while back I dreamt up a little Scapa Bookstore for Curious Minds – a virtual place to browse through titles written by members of our community to provide a well brimming with ideas, thoughts & skills to share with each other throughout the year, for lifelong learning.

In this Scapa Bookstore for Curious Minds, all titles are available as PDF downloads and prints. Choose your preferred format at checkout. Topics will complement the themes explored in our online events and courses.

Scapa Bookstore for Curious Minds

Our first title – Seasonal Oxymels, Recipes for Cultivating Life Force for Year-Round Everyday Health– is a 10-page guide exploring ancient remedies for strength giving. In it, you will learn how to optimise health and navigate various ailments seasons naturally bring along as they change.

If you have ideas & skills you’d like to talk to me about to share with our community, please get in touch by email or via Instagram.

Our exploration of the relationship between mind-body health, adventure and environmental action is a lifelong project- one that must take multiple forms to survive the changing times and satisfy the needs of our community.

Our in-person events are slowly coming out of hibernation. Until then, let’s keep learning and celebrating!

Click below to see our first title and purchase your printed and digital copy today!

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