Scapa Fest: 10 essential principles to adopt right now

Scapa Fest: 10 essential principles apply to Scapa Fest and any Scapa Life experiences you’ll attend or create for yourself and the ones around you.

1/ Leave No Trace

Leave no trace on the environment, but leave a trace deep inside of you.

2/ Cultivate a creative relationship with nature

Not a destructive one. Learn how to co-create through environmental and outdoor education.

3/ Make conscious and mindful choices

Ask why. Observe habits. Discover a way of living where everything is a choice.

4/ Respect the physical integrity of all

Mind-body health is balance. Respect and love yourself enough to choose to keep you whole. Impact yourself positively though movement, inspiration and food.

5/ Practice Zero Waste living

Once and for all let’s aim for zero waste living. Little by little. Step by step.

6/ Place experiences over things

Linked to our 1st principle of leave no trace, experiences are designed to leave a trace inside of you. We don’t need more manufactured things. Make memories.

7/ Lead by example

Your life is your best activism. Lead the way with showing change.

8/ Live from a place of inspired action

Strive to ripple positive change through all the layers of our life.

9/ Invest your resources in participation not spectating

Let’s stay away once and for all from the ready-made entertainment our society is saturated with and let’s engage our senses in an immersive way.

10/ Nourish your freedom of initiatives

Co-creation requires the space and freedom to spark the fire within. Do not be afraid to be yourself.


How many of these Scapa Fest: 10 essential principles have you already adopted?

Scapa Fest: download the essential guide

Scapa Fest is happening on 1-3 May 2021 at Ardkinglas Estate, Loch Fyne, Scotland.

Download your copy of The Essential Guide to Scapa Fest here


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