Scapa House Fest

Scapa House Fest | Sustainable Living in Action #athome

Scapa Life anywhere, everywhere! Until we can gather again in-person, we help you live the #scapalife from the comfort of your own home, by bringing you the Scapa House Fest – a series of live sessions streamed on Zoom and Facebook Live, and led by your favourite teachers and guests.

You can expect everything the #scapalife is about, from yin yoga, storytelling, guided meditation to cooking classes with Q+As.

Places are limited to 100 per session, so make sure you reserve your spot for each session as soon as possible. Register for each individual session by clicking the button below each image.

Our livestreams of Scapa House Fest are free and open to all ❤️ Donations are welcome and encouraged. At the moment we are depending on the extraordinary generosity of our community to ensure the future of Scapa Fest, to develop new ways of practicing together, until we are able to meet again in person.

A Paypal donation button is available for each session, and you can even be specific and choose who you would like to help and support. Please give what you can. Your donation of any size will make a big difference to the facilitators and non-profits we support, and allow us to continue to create online events that move deeply and bring you more skills and talents from all over the world, straight to you.

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A workshop for a calm body, a peaceful mind and a wise heart! In Yin Yoga, we work with the connective tissue in the body through gentle poses held for 4-7 minutes. While your body and nervous system benefit from the physical practice, Arenze tells stories of wisdom to heal and inspire from different traditions and parts of the world. The stories are chosen carefully to complement the physical poses; for example stories of love and compassion to go with heart opening practices.

As the body lets go of tension, your mind is more receptive and creative – who hasn’t had a good idea in the middle of a yoga class? There is also plenty of time for silence and reflection.

Arenze advises you to bring a couple of blankets, a bolster (or a firm cushion) and a couple of blocks (or books, if you haven't got blocks) to support yourself in the poses.


In moments such as these the real tender heart of our human condition on this planet becomes obvious. We all want to find joy. We want to feel safe and free of danger. We want to feel healthy & well. We want to feel a sense of belonging & connection to each other and to ourselves. And we wish all of these things for others as well. This is where we start.

Although the world and our own individual daily experience just got really messy, there is something incredibly luminous we can connect to inside ourselves. It is the seed of everything we need. And the good news is that we don’t need a different life in order to find it. We don’t need to be different (or better!). We don’t need to feel like we “have it altogether” or wait til things “settle down". This session will lead you through moments of meditation and show you how to take these tools into your real life, no matter how busy.


Light is an inspirational symbol that pervades many of the world’s traditions, serving as a point of reflection to better understand our highest potential and our connection to the world at large. This workshop will explore how the yoga tradition emphasises the light within each of us as a metaphor for clarity, truth, consciousness and connection.

Using accessible movements, breathing practices, and visualisation, we will enrich our understanding of how transformational yogic meditation can help us to actualise our most authentic sense of self and enrich the quality of all our relationships.

This workshop will provide useful meditation tools for all experience levels and is intended for anyone interested in yoga and meditation. No prior experience is necessary.


The global, industrial food system is broken. In this system food is no longer a human right and life giving substance but rather a commodity leaving a wake of destruction on every corner of the earth.

Is it possible to live outside of this system in harmony? Rob Greenfield embarked on a yearlong immersion of growing and foraging 100% of his food to find out. No grocery stores, no restaurants, not even a drink at a bar. Nothing packaged and processed, nothing shipped long distances. Nature has been his garden, his pantry and his pharmacy.

Now he’s here to share with you how you too can take back power from Big Ag and gain Food Freedom for yourself and your community.


We are all story tellers and story makers at heart, and for thousands of years we’ve gathered round a fire to share those stories – the old myths of the land, tales of wonder and enchantment, personal accounts of triumph and loss and of life lived well. Every evening, as the sun sets, we’ll light the Bardic Fire and gather to hear stories, songs and poetry.


One constant throughout change is you, your mind and your body. Nourish them, rewire them, recenter them and allow yourself to be guided back home to your body. Join Jenny on this journey. There will be aspects of inquisitive introspection, gentle yoga, breath work, myofascial release and relaxation. Leave with that inner light shining just a little bit brighter and a strong sense of self. This practice will not only befit you, but everyone around you. If you are giving a lot right now, this is for you. If you are anxious, stressed or uncertain just now, this is for you. If you’re going through a challenging human experience right now, this is for you.


Ally Houston is the founder and director of Paleo Canteen, the UK’s premium paleo and low carb food company.

During this live cooking class, Ally will teach how to cook Lamb Koftas with a roast cauliflower salad. These little spiced meatballs really satisfy a craving for charred, fatty, flavourful meat. If you’re able to do them on the barbecue they’ll be even better. The herby cauliflower salad on the side is a great foil for the koftas – punchy, sweet, and with a little crunch from the almonds.