Bardic Fire at Scapa Fest the UK's Yoga and Adventure Festival

The Bardic Fire at Scapa Fest | by Dougie Strang

I have to confess, I’m not a yoga practitioner. I’ve dabbled, and enjoyed the dabbling, but never committed to the discipline of regular practice. What I have gained, from my limited experience, is a sense that it’s much more than just a physical exercise; that it’s a way of […]

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How to do Ujjayi breathing to control the way you feel

In an age where we are obsessed with changing the way we feel through alcohol, cigarettes, vaping, drugs, gambling, shopping and hits of social media, Jambo Truong believes we are actually just one deep breath away from deciding how we feel. Jambo is headlining at the opening ceremony at […]

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What we stand for | by Clemence Cocquet

Recently I was asked to create a visual to represent our mission, something that would encompass what we stand for. What is the Scapa Life? Why Scapa Fest? The first thing that came to my mind was a constellation:   We stand far apart, yet together we form something […]

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STRESS + RELAX = GROWTH | by Michal Shimonovich

We’ve all had those weeks, the ones that don’t seem to end. Sometimes it’s a big presentation for a major client that’s constantly perched on your shoulders, driving you crazy on your drive home wondering if there’s a typo on page five and nagging you while you are ordering […]

Scapa Fest Gift Certificates

Our latest competition was a great success, with hundreds of entries received for a chance to win a couple of tickets to Scapa Fest 2018. I want to make sure that, like Erin who won tickets to take her friend Kirsty to Scapa Fest, you get to share this experience with as many […]

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Scapa Life Mindful Christmas Gift Guide 2017

At Scapa Fest HQ, we believe in investing in ourselves and shopping mindfully, and in our daily life, we would always prioritise experiences over things. If we really must buy things, then we buy second-hand. And if we can’t find second-hand, then we buy from makers and brands who […]