Jambo Truong Forrest Yoga Guardian at Scapa Fest 2018

Jambo Dragon Truong, Forrest Yoga Guardian

Jambo ‘Dragon’ Truong is one of the few selected Forrest Yoga Guardians personally chosen by Ana Forrest to uphold the legacy of Forrest Yoga. He holds a degree in Integrated Health: Complementary Medicine and has special interests in ‘Well-Being & Complexities Studies’ & the ‘Native Medicine Ways’ – Jambo has […]

Kate Rawles Adventure Outdoor Philosophy at Scapa Fest 2018

Kate Rawles, The Carbon Cycle and The Life Cycle

Dr Kate Rawles is a passionate advocate of ‘adventure plus‘ – using adventurous journeys to help raise awareness and inspire action on our most urgent environmental challenges. She has worked with Pangaea Exploration on a sailing expedition through the North Atlantic Gyre that brought together scientists, artists and activists […]