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Spotlight on… adventure! | with Neil Harvey

Adventure + outdoor education expert Neil Harvey from Wild Journeys is the man behind Scapa Fest 2018 outstanding adventure lineup and schedule. We’ve asked Neil about his own definition of adventure…

The terms “adventure” can be misleading or hard to define. When people talk about adventure, many think it has to do with the extreme, but adventure is a complex concept, quite possibly different with every person.  Tell us what it means for you.

It’s a good question. To me, “adventure” has always been closely linked to “journey”. Adventure is about going somewhere, and not really knowing what the outcome is going to be. There’s a lot of different elements in it: weather, hardship, or relationships with people… A good adventure has got some hardship in it. A good adventure would always have a point where you think: I wish I hadn’t done this… Usually, it’s got other people, and most of the time, what I associate with adventure is in a wild place. I guess this is the kind of cliche answer but it is the true answer as well, but for me the outer journey and the adventure are parallel journeys about your inwards and outwards journey and adventure. There’s definitely a bit of both going, which means that the hardship that’s involved in the outward journey when you have to get your head down and get on with it is a reflection of what happens inside. I guess it also depends on the context of the question, because if I am thinking a Wild Journey and framing it as an adventure, then I want to make sure that it has all those elements but that the outcome is safe as well, in terms of people exploring their inner journeys.

Neil Harvey himself will be leading a series of workshops called Whakapapa – Walking with our Story at Scapa Fest 2018. Make sure to check them out and register early as places are limited.



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