spring rising

Spring Rising (an invitation to gather anyway)

Spring Rising. Two powerful words handed us over to us like wings.

Spring. Rising. An invitation to gather anyway. Not with one, two, six or even a hundred people but with the billions of living creatures that form the powerful undercurrent that shape us.

The heaviness of the news of the cancellation of Scapa Fest is deeply felt but Nature continues to operate in short, medium and long cycles, in which abundance is always present. 

Things are rearranging themselves for reasons I cannot see yet but I trust that what is happening is beneficial to the balance of our work.

Surrendering to changes that have so much impact – financially, emotionally and logistically – is hard.

But Spring is rising regardless.

So please gather. This is an invitation.

In legally formed groups of 6 from 6 households. Or however else you wish. You know what feels right for your mind and body.

Spring Rising: Cultivating Practices for the Season Yoga Workshop with Mary Dana Abbott is a LIVE online workshop taking place on Earth Day 22nd April 2021 7pm-9pm BST and live streamed from New York.

What was meant to be an opening event for Scapa Fest 2021 remains an exclusive opportunity to explore our relationship to the planet that supports, substantiates and supplies our existence. This enquiry allows us to see how the forces that move nature also move us. 

As the seeds begin to blossom around us we are reminded that the spirit of the season is regeneration, birth, re-birth and growth. Through mindful practices we equip ourselves with tools that both honour and celebrate the vivacity of the season while grounding us with boundaries and support. 

Is there anything that we need more as a community?

Spring Rising: Cultivating Practices for the Season Yoga Workshop will include:

  • physical practices to ground and nourish our bodies in the season of spring
  • breathwork to expand our capacity and hone the power of the imagination
  • meditation techniques to honour the potential of the mind and expand our outlook

It is recommended that you have 2 yoga blocks, or a substitute and some sort of chair that you can put your feet on. 

Let’s celebrate in small, big, significant, subtle, secret, hidden, all-out ways this Scapa Life, our vessel of sustainable living practices.

In addition – and as a gift, I have a £10 voucher for use at Thrift + sustainable second-hand fashion platform valid on Thursday 22nd April 2021 (only). It’s normally a £5 voucher but it’s being raised to £10 to celebrate Earth Day.

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