Sustainability and Zero Waste Consultancy Services

Our team has achieved 100% waste-free events since 2018. No bins. No packaged goods. No single-use food & drink containers. 700 people going zero-waste all at once is an achievement we are hugely proud of.

Now we want to help you find and implement practical strategies and solutions to make your event truly zero waste and environmentally sustainable.

Our services enable you to embed environmental sustainability into your event, allowing you to demonstrate committed, long-term and long-lasting action on climate change.

Take action now to reduce your environmental impacts.

How we can help you:

Services available:

  • Audit to establish current impact and identify areas of improvement
  • Create a Sustainability Manifesto unique to you and your business
  • Establish Zero Waste KPIs that make sense for the long-term, not just a tick-box exercise
  • Design action plans at every level
  • Implement action plan through the provision of tailored resources
  • Onboard your attendees, customers, partners and suppliers
  • Identify relevant suppliers for tailored solutions
  • Monitor progress and achievements and plan for the future

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