Scapa Fest: Sustainable Living in Action. A Festival of Yoga and Adventure and Environmental Action

We all sometimes crave escape from our busy everyday lives: to find a special place where the sky is bigger and the horizon stretches endlessly in front of our eyes.  Scapa Fest is your unique opportunity to escape, to restore and explore.

Scapa is the old Norse word for "refuge".

Its latin root means "to escape".

In French, an "escapade" is a short and spontaneous adventure.

Scapa Fest | Sustainable Living in Action is a festival of Yoga, Adventure and Environmental Action held in the outstanding beauty and wilderness of Ardkinglas Estate, on the shore of Loch Fyne.  This stunning location will give you a spectacular backdrop of mountains, mature woodlands and the water's edge.

We have a unique and exclusive program of yoga, movement and adventure with the choice of over 130 classes during the first weekend of May. We are passionate about the family experience so Scapa Fest is a truly family-friendly festival with classes dedicated to children and young people.

Yoga, Movement and Adventure

At Scapa fest, Yoga is so much more than connecting with the body, it’s about reconnecting with the world around us.  Over 3 days, you will have the opportunity to attend classes and workshops in different types of yoga and movement practices.  These workshops have been specially curated for Scapa Fest and will be taught by some of the world's leading instructors.

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Our Adventure workshops are unique and you will have the water, the mountain and the forest as your natural elements.  We offer a range of adventure pursuits including kayaking, lochside slacklining sessions and sunrise hikes.  However, our activities are only the vector of something bigger: a lesson in the spirit of adventure.

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