Yoga Scotland

Our mission: true mind-body-nature connection.

We aim to provide a unique transformational experience in one of the world’s most beautiful locations, through a range of activities inspired by the natural world: a festival of mind-body-nature connection and unique opportunities for exploration, discovery, relaxation and connection.

#1 Be Balanced

Scapa Fest is committed to creating a unique and inspiring place to discover, explore and practice movement, through a broad range of mind-body activities offered by accomplished teachers and unique voices. We aim to achieve ultimate mind-body health, as we learn to celebrate ourselves, our bodies and our capacity to move and become the best version of ourselves.

#2 Eat Healthy

Scapa Fest is committed to offer an entirely healthy and creative food-for-health experience, with chefs and companies who support clean and mindful eating and encourage communal eating from sunrise to sunset.

#3 Explore the Outdoors

Adventure is the path of the unexpected, what connects us deeply with the multi-layered magic of the world around us. Scapa Fest aims to give unique opportunities to learn and advance the outdoor skills we all need to live in harmony with our environment.

#4 Lighten our step on the planet

Scapa Fest is the place to connect or reconnect with our natural environment by humbly learning from it and elevate our behaviours to one of constant and subtle creation, not destruction.

#5 Raise the future

Scapa Fest is a place for families to share discoveries and practices through transgenerational activities. Activities that emphasise experiences of freedom to create and be and encourage a curiosity about the world.  Scapa Fest has a dedicated children and families programme.

#6 Grow and Elevate

Scapa Fest is a place where we can learn from each other through talks and interventions from active, adventurous and mindful living ambassadors from all over the world.

#7 Buy responsibly

Scapa Fest is a place where socially responsible design is highly valued and we aim to provide a unique platform to showcase the best designers and makers of environmentally sustainable active wear, active gear, fashion and accessories. Scapa Fest aims to build partnerships with like-minded companies who value social good as well as responsible and sustainable quality.