Scapa Fest: a Sunrise to Sunset food experience.

Scapa Fest is taking place in a very unique part of Scotland: Argyll.

Scapa Fest is committed to offer an entirely healthy and creative food-for-health experience.  We are partnering with Food from Argyll and some exciting chefs and companies who support clean and mindful eating, as well as encouraging communal eating from sunrise to sunset. Food from Argyll is a producer owned co-operative, dedicated to showcasing the wonderful produce Argyll has to offer and promoting Argyll as a quality food destination.

Argyll is... 

A unique natural larder.
Passionate people who love their food.
Hills, glens and pastures to farm and harvest.
Miles and miles of coastline to fish and cultivate.

Discover more about Food from Argyll in these beautiful films by Justin Owen.