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The New Scapa: coming up next

The New Scapa: coming up next in 2021-2022. A few hard lessons learned from the pandemic and the light shining bright at the end of the tunnel.

The Scapa story started in 2016 as a small gathering on the West Coast of Scotland at Ardkinglas Estate, attracting a global audience of people who want to learn how to live more sustainably and more creatively, inside and out, through the practice of yoga, meditation, adventure and environmental action.

While it is a huge success for the community it brought together, financially, it isn’t a business model that makes a lot of sense at all. Most events rely on funding, sponsorships, advertising and alcohol sales to cover their operational costs. We don’t. Never have. Our sole income comes from ticket sales, and as a result, we barely break even.

So when the pandemic hit us back in early 2020, it hit us hard. Thanks to an emergency grant from the government, we were able to survive and offer alternatives to the only thing we knew and did: a multi-day, in person event. We brought the community online and transposed the “Scapa Life” – a life of health, adventure and environmental action – into the virtual realm, with some success. We survived, but we didn’t exactly thrive, far from it.

The big lesson we learnt (there were many) was that one event a year is not a sustainable way of running a business which intention is to create change in how we live now and how we live next. We can only create change by doing and leading by example. What good are we if we can’t create experiences people can take part in?

If we continue trying to only do one thing we will fail; it is time to redefine our business model so that we can continue to create with you, for you, for a long, long time to come.

Take a look at the future of Scapa and let me know what you think.

We can only create change by doing and leading by example. What good are we if we can’t create experiences people can take part in?

Scapa 365: starting October 2021-August 2022

Scapa 365 is a year-long programme of online/in-person/hybrid events happening worldwide, weaving our values into local communities. It started in October 2020 and the next programme is due to start in October 2021.

Scapa 365 was created in the spirit of Scapa’s overall mission to celebrate yoga, adventure and sustainable living through a unique vision that weaves together mind-body health, environmental action and outdoor education into outstanding experiences for individuals and families who want to learn how to live more sustainably and more creatively, inside and out.

Scapa 365 brings the spirit of Scapa Life to local communities around the globe through Scapa 365 events. These events are organised by passionate individuals who seek to create a new way of living and to share skills and knowledge in their local areas to spark change in their communities. Scapa 365 events include in-person events and pre-recorded courses, and are organised independently in collaboration with Scapa Fest Limited. These events are not controlled by Scapa as such, but event organisers agree to abide by our values, and are offered guidelines for creation and event organising and more.

Each Scapa 365 event can be booked individually at £39 per event or through a cost-effective membership at £28.99/month.

Scapa Core Courses

Scapa Core Courses are brand new offerings which aim is to provide a solid foundation for individual and community growth. Each course covers focuses on one of our key values: adventure, health and environmental action.

These events will only be offered once a year in-person (see dates below for 2021) and year-round as pre-recorded courses from June 2021 onwards, and can be booked individually or together as a cost-effective bundle.

They are included as bonus with the Scapa 365 membership.

Adventure Immersive – Own Your Horizon: how to create adventure wherever you are to create strength and freedom wherever you go

Sunday June 13th 2021 – Loch Ardinning Wildlife Reserve – Full Day In-Person – £65 (lunch included) or £39 online

Own Your Horizon is an adventure immersive course which provides the theory, the skills and a deep dive into the spirit of adventure for the purpose of individual and collective mind-body health and environmental action.

Health Immersive – Medicine Making in the Wild: Forage for health and transform your harvest into ready-to-use medicine

Sunday July 18th 2021 – Loch Ardinning Wildlife Reserve – Half Day In-Person/Online – £39

Medicine Making in the Wild is a health immersive course which provides an exciting opportunity to learn how to forage for health and transform your harvest into ready-to-use medicine, with a twist of adventure and environmental action.

Environmental Action Immersive – The Way We Live Next: principles of biodynamic living

Dates & Location TBD – Full Day In-Person – £65 (lunch included) or £39 online

The Way We Live Nexis an environmental action immersive course which provides an opportunity to learn and reflect on the full-circle, strength-giving principles of biodynamic living applied to everyday living.

Free Content: ongoing

Scapa Life is a collection of highly practical, free resources for anyone wishing to embark and find inspiration for a healthy, adventurous and sustainable life.

Topics include: Food & Drink, Slow + Sustainable Fashion, Crafts, Natural Health, Earthwise Parenting, Urban Homesteading, Essential Books etc. and the content is updated every week or so.

It also gives access to exclusive discounts with brands we value.

Scapa Fest: 2-4 September 2022

Scapa Fest is a leave no trace and zero waste yoga, adventure and sustainable living event designed to help people harness the power of nature to transform their physical health, mental health and the health of their environment. We bring together global experts in mind-body health, outdoor education and environmental action to deliver interactive sessions to families and individuals who seek more health, balance and adventure.


  • A unique concept bringing yoga, mind-body health, outdoor education and environmental action in one place
  • In-Person multi-day event includes access to all workshops
  • Full access to private loch-side estate with beach, lake, river and and forest
  • Dedicated under 12 mindful outdoor education programme
  • Outstanding experience in health, adventure and sustainable living in action


  • For people who want to live more sustainably, less chaotically and more creatively.
  • For families who want to raise earthwise children.
  • For yogis who want to take their yoga off the mat, beyond the walls and into the wild.
  • For adventure lovers who want to journey further & deeper.

We really look forward to seeing you in 2021-2022 at one of the experiences we have co-created. Any questions, reach out!

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