The Space Between The Days

It’s the dialogue that teaches. Not the teacher. Each session delivered at Scapa School is an opportunity to step away from ready-made and passive entertainment, and step deep into inspired action.

Last month we delivered the Scapa Mind LIVE online event, looking at everyday meditation approaches for a boundless mind. Because sustainable living calls for a specific mindset that allows for an ecosystem of thoughts to emerge, which in turn leads to daily actions and behaviours consistent with sustainable living, we explored unusual approaches to creating and fine-tuning that mindset, by looking at meditation approaches that free up the mind from the limitations that prevent us from living as sustainably and creatively as we are naturally designed to.

This is a poem written by Margaret McCreedy, a student of the Scapa Mind, about Session 1: The Shape of Time.


The Space between the Days

for Clémence Cocquet


When one day ends does another one begin

Straightaway with no pause to celebrate

The wonderful inspiration that each day brings?

As planets course triumphant in the darkness, some nights

Your mind, your sleeping soul, can glimpse the magic

That conjures when one day ends, before another begins.

From the moon tides where Mars swells, think what power will wake

Your eyes to abundant strength and Venus’ love,

Wondering at the inspiration that is revealed between the days:

Earlier than a day’s light seeping round the blind

Because you must be dark and silent and surprised

By all inspiring wonder in the days’ divide.

Here suddenly sparks of illumination come in visitation

Of words or fears or insight – sparkling gems

Are gifted between some day’s end and another one’s beginning.

This space between the known and some point on your horizon,

In its mysterious void let your own self joyfully

Find sense in days that are ending and beginning

Where, inspired, you find wonder between the days.

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