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There’s no such thing as roots without wings | by Clemence Cocquet

Believe me when I say there is no such things as roots without wings. Think about it. Every tree once flew to where it would eventually root itself. Every storm can only exist rooted in our perception of calm. There’s always a fraction of second of complete stillness before we are able to jump. It’s all the same. We are the constant and perpetual movement from stillness to flight, over and over again.

I remember the day I saw my inner fire and spark nearly reduced to ashes. My entire body was aching from pushing against the edges of an invisible box I had somehow found myself into, forced into stillness. There was no obvious way out of it. But I knew deep inside that my ability to adapt and solve problems was greater than the problem itself. I just had to ask the right question.

So I started with the only question worth asking. The answer to that question became a very vivid, powerful vision. The vivid, powerful vision became a mission.

From that place of low self-esteem and vulnerability, I asked myself: what would I do if money, time or skills were no object? The answer was crystal clear. I would gather a tribe of uniquely gifted people in a place of natural beauty. A tribe of people who deeply care for their mind and body, who want to live a mindful life, who want to raise beautiful, strong and resilient children, people who can learn to read Nature’s signs fluently, beyond language. A tribe of people to tune in with and experience a multi-way connection: with ourselves, with others and with the land. And together within this tribe, we would empower each other and share our knowledge, wisdom, questions and truths, ideas and doubts. Together we would learn how to elevate our mind and body to where we truly belong: at one with Nature, strongly, deeply and consciously weaving into a wider ecosystem of energy.

I closed my eyes and I saw us together: difference-makers, Earth children, deeply respectful of ourselves and others, fearless innovators, creators, hopeful explorers and boundless lovers, movers and shakers.

At that very moment, the invisible box vanished, my body relaxed, the pain stopped, and I began to look out for the tribe I had imagined so vividly.

We look up to the sky and search for the constellations we already know. But how often do we search for our own, the one that is formed by the connections we make every single day of our lives? For this is exactly what we are. We too are the stars of a unique and ever changing constellation, one that we can navigate by, one we can learn to recognise, one that can continue to fuel our dreams over and over again. All we need is to light that light inside ourselves and connect with those who already have, or are about to.

Inspired by the vision and the naturally outstanding and wild beauty of Scotland, I decided to put together a programme of workshops, talks and performances led by world-class experts in yoga and adventure, and create an incomparable and immersive experience to promote discovery, growth and community. Conscious, focused and deliberate. Scapa Fest was born.

Scapa Fest’s mission is to be the festival that inspires mind-body health, connection, adventurous and mindful living. Come and join us. It will inspire you.

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