Volunteering at Scapa Fest

Paramount to the success of Scapa Fest, volunteers ensure the smooth running of the venue and our programme. Scapa Fest is more akin to a camp than a festival, and as a 100% leave no trace outdoor event, we naturally look for individuals with experience in responsible outdoor living rather than festival experience. Exceptional people skills, resourcefulness and common sense make you the ideal candidate.

In exchange for one full day of volunteering (Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday or Monday), you receive access to the event and to all the activities on the programme.

We ask for a deposit of £150 to show your commitment, which we refund at the end of the event, unless you cancel without good notice or you don’t show up. Deposits is standard procedure for all the festivals we know. We have had problems with volunteers not turning up – this causes many difficulties for the remaining volunteers and the supervisors.

Please remember you are representing Scapa Fest and the venue whilst you are volunteering for us.

Once you have been accepted as a volunteer, you will then be asked to pay the deposit through Paypal to confirm your space on the volunteer team. The deposit will be refunded to you (minus £5 for administration costs - £145) after the event and once you have completed your allocated day.

Once accepted and your deposit has been received, you will be added to our dedicated facebook group. You will receive weekly email to confirm your place on the team. Failure to confirm will result on your access to the event withdrawn and your deposit will not be refunded.

You will receive your schedule 3 weeks before the event.

Thanks again for your time and interest in becoming part of the Scapa Life!



  • Personal details

    Volunteers must be at least 18 years of age.
  • About yourself

  • Please include any skills relevant to the posts you have applied for, musical ability, languages spoken, practical and outdoor skills, driving licence.
  • Please include also voluntary work and state approximate dates
  • Please include formal training, with approximate dates and any yoga/outdoor pursuits qualifications
  • Tick all that apply
  • Tick all that apply. See below for details of teams.

Volunteers will be working with one of 6 teams during the weekend:

- The Set-Up Team - Thursday and Monday only - This team will help build the festival infrastructure, decorate stages/tents, and set up signage.

- The First Aid Team - Friday, Saturday and Sunday only - You will need to be a fully qualified first aider, nurse or medical practitioner to be part of this team. Lifeguard training welcome.

- The Scapa Green Team - Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday only - This team will be constantly patrolling the festival grounds and to help keep it clean and free of litter. We are a Zero Waste Event, so any knowledge and ideas in these matters will be helpful.

- The Parking & Campervan Team - Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday only - This team will assist all attendees to park their vehicles in an efficient and organised manner so that we can fit as many cars as possible into the parking lots as well as keep an eye out for potential safety concerns or problems.

- The Campsite Team - Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday only - This team will assist all attendees with their gear from the car park to the campgrounds, attend to communal fires, as well as keep an eye out for potential safety concerns or problems.

- The Front-of-House Team - Friday, Saturday and Sunday only - This Team will be assisting the public. From passing out wristbands, bin/recycling bags, dealing with ticket, schedule problems and other enquiries as required, and all over the site, including campsite. This team will also be assisting the instructors with changeovers between workshops, make sure the workshop areas/stages/venues are clean and properly set up, participant questions are answered, wristbands checked and participants signed in. Will also collect and deliver equipment as required.