The weather at Scapa Fest

We know you've all been secretly thinking about that... What will the weather be like at Scapa Fest? It's Scotland after all! Will it be cold and wet? What about camping? We've done some research for you...

The month of May at Ardkinglas Estate/Loch Fyne is the DRYEST and SUNNIEST month of the ENTIR YEAR! It also has above average temperatures for the area (15c instead of 12.4c).

That's why we choose to host #scapafest2018 in May and not later in the year like most festivals. May is simply the best month of the year to hold the best yoga and adventure festival of the UK!

Don't believe us? Check out these reports from 1981-2010: 


Once you have bought your ticket, don't forget to download your FREE packing guide to prepare yourself and make the most of your Scapa Experience! 

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